One Baltimore

I’ve been trying for weeks now to put my feelings about the riot into words but nothing I’ve written has felt right. I’m a cocktail blogger. I write about fun stuff not emotionally and politically charged events. What answers am I supposed to give? Truth is I can’t. But I can tell you about my experience, about my community.

My community, the 10 block radius I consider home, lies next door to where the chaos occurred. I watched it on T.V., like most everyone else did, in the safety of my living room. Sixteen stories high I trembled with fear and anger as I watched my city come undone. I remember pouring myself a glass of bourbon. It sat there all night. I was too upset to drink.

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B&O Brasserie

Cocktail Prices: $10-14

Address: 2 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland, 21201

I realized recently that I have been remiss in writing reviews of local bars and restaurants and I plan to correct that. To rectify my neglect I’ve decided to start with an establishment that has become almost home to my husband and I. To be honest I consider several bars + restaurants in our area home. But this one is practically in our back yard.

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  • Cocktail Prices: $10 - $13
  • Address: 807 South Broadway, Fells Point, MD 21231
  • Hours: 5pm – 2am

I’ve been to Rye a handful of times but never really gave the bar a chance. You’d think a bar that prides itself on its craft cocktails would feel like home to me. And indeed I wanted to love it when the doors first open. But then something happened. That shy kid that I’ve worked so hard to shun showed up instead.

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