Negroni Limone

Negroni Limone


Southside Cocktail

Bacardi Old Fashioned

August 16th marks National Rum Day. Celebrate with this rum version of the classic Old-Fashioned.

Silver-Plated Metal Arrow Swizzle Cocktail Stirrer by  DRYNKWARE .

Silver-Plated Metal Arrow Swizzle Cocktail Stirrer by DRYNKWARE.


Adapted from The Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book (1935 Reprint)

Bacardi Old Fashioned

Whiskey & Ginger Smash

Whiskey and ginger make for a wonderful mix. They're like the perfect couple. Great on their own but at their best together. 

Whiskey & Ginger Smash
Whiskey and Ginger Smash


Ginger Syrup

whiskey & ginger smash

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Date old fashioned

Made with bourbon soaked dates.

New York Sour

A whiskey sour made with egg white and a red wine float.


Xanthia Cocktail

Our home bar had been lacking in Yellow Chartreuse. So now that we have it, I felt I had to showcase it in a drink. I immediately headed to my affectionately worn copy of Savoy Cocktail Book.

Xanthia (according to my friend Google) is Greek for Blonde. The recipe calls for, in addition to Yellow Chartreuse, Cherry Brandy, and dry gin. There are several choices out there for Cherry Brandy.  Since the name itself implies a color, I went with a clear brandy called Kirsch.

If you enjoy dry cocktails, this cocktail may be for you. Xanthia is a dry herbaceous cocktail with just enough sweetness. For a drier cocktail, try reducing the Yellow Chartreuse to 1/2 part.

Xanthia Cocktail; Glassware from Sur La Table


(adapted from the Savoy Cocktail Book)