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About Nikki

My great-grandfather was a bootlegger. If you wanted great homemade wine, you went to my grandmother. For generations my family has been making booze and sharing it with those they love. Sadly, those recipes were taken to the grave. But that love of spirits still lives on in me.

The most daunting question a patron has when they enter a bar is “What are you drinking?”. Suddenly, seemingly intelligent people become confused and frustrated because they don’t know what they want. Or, perhaps, they just don’t know what’s out there.

I created Cocktail Crafty because I was one of those people and decided enough was enough. I did what I always do when I wanted to learn something new. I picked up a book; a cocktail book. Pretty soon I became hooked on cocktail culture and its history.

This blog is where I’ll share my knowledge as I learn it. It’s where I hope you’ll gain answers to that scary question of “What are you drinking?” not only at the bar but at home.

My Photos

I grew up around cameras but could never seem to get the hang of taking that perfect photo. Fast-forward to the cell phone age and, like most folks, I’m constantly taking photos of my food and drinks. I discovered that I may not take a great scenic photo, but I have a knack for capturing cocktails.

I look at a well-made drink and I can’t help but see beauty. I started my Instagram, @cocktailcrafty, to capture what I see. Every drink has a spirit and I want to share that spirit with others.

— http://www.shiftgig.com/articles/bartenders-follow-these-5-instagram-accounts-best-drinkporn

Since starting my Instagram in 2013, I’ve upgraded my equipment. I now shoot with a mirrorless camera, the Fuji X-t1, in addition to my IPhone 6. You can check out some of my work here. I’m constantly looking for new brands and restaurants to work with. Feel free to contact me, if interested. 

My Cocktails

For the most part, the drinks offered on my site are either my creations or adapted from their original source. I will always give credit where credit is due. Looking for a unique cocktail for yourself or an event? Let’s talk!

Thank You!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will continue with me on my cocktail journey. To stay up-to-date with blog posts and news, please subscribe. I promise no spam. Pinky swear!!