Templeton Rye - Tasting Notes

 Nikki G. Davidson / Cocktail Crafty

Nikki G. Davidson / Cocktail Crafty

NAME:     Templeton Rye

RATING:  7 out of 10

TYPE:     American Rye Whiskey

AGE:      4 years

ORIGIN:     United States

PROOF:     80 / 40% ABV

PRICE:      $34 - 40

CASK:      Unknown

COLOR:  Amber

NOSE:     Earthy, Woody


TASTE:   Toffee, Baking Spices, Allspice

FINISH:   Well Balanced, Smooth

OVERALL REVIEW: One of my favorite Rye Whiskies. Smooth, easy to drink. A great introductory rye.

COCKTAIL SUGGESTIONS:  Manhattan, Whiskey Sour, New York Sour


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