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A look at the Baltimore craft cocktail scene

Wit & Wisdom


  • Cocktail Prices: $13 - $15 ($6 Happy Hour Cocktail)
  • Location: Harbor East - Baltimore Four Seasons
  • Attire: Smart Casual

Wit & and Wisdom is a sophisticated yet inviting Bar & Restaurant that sits on the water in Baltimore’s Harbor East. I’ve been to Wit & Wisdom many times and am always pleased.

This post is based on both my experience during my impromptu walking tour and also my dinner with hubby after he grew tired of my talking about this place.

Before I begin, let’s be honest. This place ain’t cheap. Log onto Visa and check your limit before heading over. While there are happy hour specials, the cocktail menu boasts great cocktails starting at $13. A night out here may end up costing a pretty penny (you are after all at the Four Seasons) but its worth it.

Wit & Wisdom has the most amazing view of the harbor. It was hard to not to get lost in the view.  The food and drinks here are equaled by the atmosphere.

Of all the cocktails I’ve had here, and they’ve been great, I definitely have a top two.

PAPA’S NA PUA  - hibiscus-infused papa’s pillar rum, grapefruit, honey, lime

I'm a sucker for presentation. The Papa’s Na Pua tastes as pretty as it looks. The bartender was kind enough to let me try a taste of Papa’s Pilar Rum.  I immediately noted a vanilla flavor backed with citrus. Every element of this cocktail plays well together and the marigold flowers make you feel as if you're on holiday.

FARRAGUT -  four roses bourbon, nux alpina, maple, fresh orange, fresh lemon

Nux Alpina is a liqueur made by Distillerie Purkhart in Austria. Nux Alpina is made from double distilled grape brandy that is infused with green walnuts, herbs and spices. It is bottled at 64 proof.


My favorite season is fall and the Farragut makes me think of crushed leaves and pumpkin pie. With one sip I feel compelled to burst into my own rendition of “My Favorite Things”. I love the Farragut so much that I forgot to photograph it.

It is not my intention to be a food blogger, but when one is having copious amounts of booze, one must partake in a snack or two (or three) to reduce the effects of said booze. I drink responsibly afterall.

When my hubby suggested we head to Wit & Wisdom for dinner, I didn’t put up much of a fight. I’d never had an actual meal there aside from the onion dip and chips (which are yummy by the way).

Lobster Pot Pie Carving

I hate to admit it (because I’m a cocktail girl) but the food surpassed the drinks and then some. Hubby had the lobster pot pie.  Dude, they bring the pot pie out on a cart and “carve” it in front of you. It’s huge and contained some of the best cooked lobster I’ve ever had! The crust was a gorgeous golden brown and perfectly flaky. The sauce is creamy yet light with whole oyster mushrooms and pearl onions. (I made the mistake of asking about the pearl onions which sent my hubby - a produce broker - into a bubba-esque tangent about all the different onion genus’ there are.) Hubby also found out the hard way what “Market Price” means.

Duck Breast with Foie Gras

Me, I had the slow roasted pork breast with foie gras and poached rhubarb. Just thinking about it makes me happy all over again. The duck breast was tender with a crispy skin and, paired with the foie gras, was pure heaven.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, hubby ordered the beignets with foie gras, nutella and honey. A large portion meant for sharing.

I’ve been to New Orleans. I’ve had the beignets that everyone raves about. If given my choice of the two, I’d choose Wit & Wisdom’s beignets. (However, if Cafe Du Monde started serving their beignets with a foie gras and nutella dipping sauce we’d have a contest.)

Final thoughts: Wit & Wisdom is a great place to celebrate even when you have nothing to celebrate. It’s a Baltimore oasis. An upscale paradise.