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Let's Do Brunch

...or...Um, I guess I like Tequila Afterall

I knew I wanted to make a coffee cocktail. Coffee with vodka. Bacon Vodka. Sounds yummy.

So, how'd I walk out with tequila?

With its history and complex flavor, you'd think tequila and I would like each other.  Or at least be casual Facebook friends who occasionally like each others posts but never actually engage in any real conversation. But ever since a fateful night in a college dorm room somewhere in Maryland, I have never enjoyed Tequila.

My disdain for tequila is really rather lame. I'd give anything to tie it to a drunken crazy night, after which I vowed never to touch the stuff again. No, I just simply never liked the taste.

Many bartenders have tried to sway me but one taste of the hooch and I'd soon be fighting to keep my lunch down.

That is until today.

This is not a paid post. I just happened upon El Ultimo Agave Tequila Anejo (say that three times fast) on one of my frequent trips to the store. I wish I could be one of those folks that simply walk in, grab what they came for, and be on their way. Not me. I must peruse every aisles in quiet awe. Every bottle of booze has the promise of crafting an amazing drink.

I noticed the El Ultimo and after reading the management's description that promised notes of cinnamon and toffee, I was sold and wasn't disappointment. The spice is incredible and I indeed tasted a hint of toffee. El Ultimo I heart you! Thank you for showing me that I do indeed like tequila.

Let's Do Brunch

1.5 oz El Ultimo Agave Anejo Tequila

4 oz. Coffee (chilled)

1 oz. Simple Syrup

1 egg white

Dry shake. Add ice. Shake some more. A little more. Serve in a 8 oz coupe glass.