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Sunday Cocktails: Ginger Meets Coconut

...and they made mad sweet love.

For me, making cocktails is like meditating. When the stress of life starts to get to me, I start crafting drinks. The journey to creating a tasty beverage is calming. It's not always about the alcohol. I get the same joy out of making the perfect cup of tea. (Not too strong, boiling hot; and a balance of sugar, lemon and occasionally cream.)

One week before our wedding anniversary Hubby and I are faced with the heavier side of our vows. "In sickness" hit this past winter when I had surgery. Now it seems we're reaching "for poorer" status.

So when hubby suggests that I make him a cocktail, I feign annoyance but really I love the challenge. And this weekend I think I rose to it.

I'm toying with calling this a Ginger Colada

1.5 oz Coconut Rum

3 oz Coconut Water

1 oz Lime Cordial

muddled Ginger

Served in a small mason jar, I have visions of lying on the beach basking in the sun. I may have to settle for a lawn chair in my in-laws back yard, but it doesn't matter as long as I have hubby by my side. And a pitcher full of Ginger Colada.


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Nikki G. Davidson