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The Bohjito


You ever get the idea to do something but hesitant, because you knew it had the potential to go really bad. Then there was also that chance it could go really well. That’s how I felt when I decided to make a mojito and top it with beer. Not just any beer. Baltimore’s treasured beer  the National Bohemian or Natty Boh to us locals.

Now, topping a mojito with beer isn’t new. I know I haven’t reinvented the wheel here. But there was something about combining two beverages that evoked so many memories for me, that sent my heart racing.

How many weekends have my friends and I spent sipping mojitos by the harbor? How many ball games and crab feasts have been washed down with Natty Boh?

It’s such a perfect pairing that I wonder why it took me so long. The mojito with its calming scent of lime and mint, the touch of sweetness with a punch of rum, combined well with the light and uncomplicated refreshment that is the National Bohemian Beer. It was like meeting an old friend again for the first time.

I don’t know. Maybe its the cool May air, or the fact that I’ve already had two of these, talking. But I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of the Bohjito around here. A lot more indeed.


Cachaça Def.: Some consider Cachaça to be a totally different spirit than rum. The basic difference is that one is made from sugar cane juice while the other is made from molasses. Same plant different by-products. I chose Cachaça because it was smoother than the rum I had on hand (not true of every brand). I’ll stop there because this isn’t a Cachaça post. But you get the gist.

Imbibe Happily,