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A Date With Whiskey

Whiskey Glass

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Date night for Hubby and I usually involves fancy dinners and equally fancy cocktails. But lately we’ve been spending more time at home.

While we’re not starving for time together. We're practically together all…the…time! It’s just not quality time. 

Time for something different.

When I received a complementary tasting box from Flaviar, I saw it as an opportunity to spend some time with Hubby that didn’t involve paying bills, cleaning, or wondering where the cat got off to.

So, one afternoon I sat some glasses on the coffee table. Turned off the television. And cracked open my tasting box.

For the next 45 minutes we sipped, tasted, and talked. We talked not only about whiskey, but also about future vacations we wanted to take. We happened to be sipping a New Zealand whisky at the moment. 

It was both relaxing and fun.

Something we can both enjoy.

I wasn’t always a Whiskey-girl. I always thought of myself as more of a gin fiend. That all changed the day Hubby and I watched a documentary on Islay Scotch.

By the end of the documentary we were both thirsty and intrigued. We got dressed and headed to one our favorite bars and ordered Scotch for the first time. An obsession was born. 

Since then learning about whiskey and tasting new whiskey has been our shared hobby.

In the comfort of home.

The best part was that we were at home. And we didn’t have to get dressed up. I happen to think my penguin pajamas are very flattering.

There was no pressure. I often feel like I need to talk fancy and say something profound when I’m out at a tasting. If I taste something different than everyone else, is there something wrong with my taste buds?

At home I’m able to relax and say what I’m really thinking. If I think a scotch tastes like a salty pretzel dipped in chocolate, who care’s?! That sounds like a freaking amazing scotch.

Home Whiskey Tasting

The How-to.

Interested in having your own date night tasting? Here are my tips:

  1. Water is a must! 
  2. Have unsalted crackers or pretzels to cleanse your palate between tastings.
  3. Have a glass for each spirit, clearly marked. Here’s a couple of tasting sheets to help! (3 glasses / 5 glasses)
  4. Have pen and paper on hand to take notes. You won’t remember your descriptions if you don’t jot them down. 
  5. Limit your tasting to 3-5 brands. More than 5 may be overwhelming. (And you might get a bit too tipsy.)

What are you going to taste?

If you’re a whiskey rookie, head to your local liquor store and have a chat with the clerk. Find out what’s popular. Ask for advice.

Focus your tasting to one style, i.e. Scotch, Bourbons, Ryes, etc. You’ll be amazed how different each brand can be.

If you’re on a budget, you can purchase 350ml bottles. Or check out Flaviar and try one of their tasting boxes for yourself. You get a unique sample of spirits and pay less than you would for 1-2 bottles of top shelf hooch. I know I can’t wait for my next tasting box or our next whiskey date.





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