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Amarula Cream, A Taste of Africa

Every now and then I come across a product that is not only good tasting but also good for the soul. So is the case when I got the chance to try Amarula Cream

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Amarula Cream is made from the fruit of Marula trees that grow across Africa's subequatorial plains. The fruit, roughly the size of a plum, has a creamy, nutty taste and contains more vitamin C than the average orange. Amarula Cream reflects the fruit's nutty flavor. While delicious on it's own, it's a perfect compliment to coffee. It's my absolute favorite way to enjoy Amarula Cream.

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What drew me to the liquor was Amarula's commitment to protecting African Elephants. The Amarula trust aides in finding ways the elephants can share limited resources with their neighbors - the people of Botswana. The trust funds a program known as Ecoexist (partnered with Texas A&M University) that monitors the elephant population and migration in hopes of developing strategies to limit conflict between elephants and people.

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The Amarula trust also aides in job creation in eco-tourism in Southern Africa. The Trust funds an Eco-Training project that allows students to undergo a month long training course to become field guides in Namibia. The Namibian tourism industry is a fast growing industry and accounted for 14.9% of the gross domestic product in 2015. As the industry increases so does the need for skilled field guides.

Give Amarula Cream a try in your coffee or over ice and help support a worthly cause!

Nikki G. Davidson