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Baltimore Shandy

Life here at Cocktail Crafty has been good. Every cocktail bar we know has a new fall menu. So hubby and I have been busy "taste testing." The cat only got inside the couch once this week. And hubby's doomsday bunker has been coming along nicely as he adds rice, flour and bleach to his stockpile. Yep, life is good here despite our Orioles loosing the American League Championship 0-4.

I held off on writing this post in hopes of a victory. I never want to be accused of being a jinx. When I am a fan, I'm a Fan with a with a capital "F". I believe in jinxing. I adore my team. I take every win and lose to heart.

Those who aren't sports fans don't often get the intensity in which we cheer. They right off fan devotion as absurd and an example of what's wrong with out society. I would argue that sports simply distracts us from difficulties that life presents. For a brief moment we don't have to think about our bills, our illnesses, our tragedies. Hope serves as a great motivator even if that hope comes in the form of a ball. This may be why when our athletes do wrong we take their actions so personally.

I grew up an O's fan. I still remember my first baseball game. It was against the Blue Jays at the old Memorial Stadium. Our seat were in the sky. But it was the best two hours of my young life.

In 1996, I was a junior in high school. In my locker was a poster of the Orioles lineup and schedule. That was the last time our team had hopes of going to the World Series. It was also the last time I gave O's my heart. I cheered every win with the exuberance and mourned every loss with the dramatics teenage girls are known for. When we loss the ALCS 2-3 to the Yankees I cried myself to sleep that night. The next day I ripped my locker poster down and swore never to give baseball my heart again. I was now strictly a football fan.

The Orioles making it to the post season was meant so much more than just winning a few games. When our football team divided us, our baseball team brought us back together. Economic and racial divisions were put aside. We were united as a city if only for a few weeks.

All this excitement has inspired me to create a drink. What doesn't inspire me to create a drink?

Baltimore Shandy

4 oz freshly squeezed Orange Juice

1 oz Clementine Vodka

1/4 oz Orange Curacao

National Bohemian Beer

Shake juice, vodka, and curacao with ice. Strain into pilsner glass. Top with National Bohemian Beer or other pale lager. Garnish with orange slice.