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The Cocktail That Can Cure the Common Cold

Ah, the common cold. According to the CDC, the average adult can expect to have 2-3 colds a year. Lasting an average of 7-10 days, it can feel like it can take forever to recover. You could wander the medicine aisle looking for a cure-all, or you can kick that cold with the help of a simple cocktail.

The Hot Toddy is as easy as it gets. Whiskey, honey, and lemon are combined with boiling water for the ultimate comfort drink.

You may have heard that the Toddy can serve as a cold remedy. There's actually some truth to this old wives’ tale. The three major elements of the Hot Toddy each have healing properties.

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8 Cocktails For a Great Snow Day

Don't be caught unprepared! Here are 8 delicious hot cocktail recipes to warm up your next snow day.

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White Chocolate Matcha Latte

I'm getting ready for winter with this White Chocolate Matcha Latte. A delicious matcha tea latte that can be enjoyed on its own or kicked up a notch with Grand Marnier and Vodka. It's the perfect snow day cocktail.

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