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Holiday Sangria

Kicking off the holidays with this winter sangria. Enjoy the flavors for cranberry with rosemary in this homemade sangria recipe. A great holiday drink from my family to yours.

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Tomato Peppercorn Shrub

This winter has been brutal for me physically. My butt has met the cold wet concrete more times than I care to admit. Ice, outside of a glass, is not my friend.

I’m longing for the sunny embrace of warmer weather, but I’m still loving the flavors of winter. Mainly I’m loving all the whiskey cocktails winter has to bring. So why not make a cocktail that inspires both.

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Cranberry Winter Punch

It feels like forever since I was last in my kitchen mixing up cocktails. The holidays have a way of taking over and leaving you hung-over from copious amounts of food, booze and togetherness. It’s no wonder that once January comes we retreat into our homes for a social hibernation. Thankfully before we have a chance to declare ourselves hermits and vow never to leave the homestead…the only one that gets me is the cat!…there’s the Super Bowl.

Being married to a man who works in the produce industry, I’m used to coming home to a bag… or two… or even a case of product that’s too close to expiration to sell (but still perfectly good). This week I arrived home from work to find cranberries. What the heck am I supposed to do with cranberries?

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Pumpkin Bourbon Syrup