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8 Cocktails For a Great Snow Day

Ah, the first (rumored) snow storm of the season. The first one is exciting. It sends you into a frenzy trying to prepare, making list after list of groceries and supplies. You immediately run out to get milk, plenty of toilet paper, and enough canned soup to last you ’til armageddon. But the real question is...

What are you going to drink?

Snow days and cocktails are a perfect match. What better way to warm up after shoveling, scraping, and salting? The office has closed. Classes are canceled. And you’re left to enjoy the rest of your day, guilt free. 

Here are some delicious hot cocktails for the perfect snow day. Don’t be caught unprepared!



Chartreuse Hot Chocolate

In case you’ve been wondering what to use that1 green herbaceous spirit in, pour it into a cup of hot chocolate. You’ll be surprised how well the two go together. I made my Chartreuse Hot Chocolate with special dark cocoa. The dark cocoa holds up well with the Chartreuse creating a hot chocolate that’s rich and full of flavor. RECIPE >>


Mezcal Hot Chocolate

Mezcal Hot Chocolate

I created this recipe last winter and it’s still one of my favs. The smokey mezcal is matched with a touch of hot cayenne. It’ll give you the boost you’ll need for that epic snowball fight. RECIPE >>


Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

Hot Chocolate may be snow day king, but the Irish Coffee is a close rival. The caffeine will help shovel the front walk, but the whiskey will remind you that it could be worse. You could be at work.  RECIPE >>


If these don’t suite your fancy, check out these other great blogs for more snow day cocktails:

Whiskey Hot Chocolate - from My Dish is Bomb

A spicy hot chocolate that combines whiskey with chili powder. Certain to warm your soul on any snow day.


Hot Buttered Rumchata - from Shake Bake and Party

Everything about this version of the hot buttered rum screams yummy! Perfect pick-me-up after some snow day sledding.


Wine Hot Chocolate - from Back to Her Roots

Wine pairs well with chocolate. So, why not mix the two together? Elevate your snow day with this sophisticated twist on the classic hot chocolate.


Cranberry Hot Toddy - from Real Housemoms

Netflix-and-chill with this seasonal toddy. Substituting cranberry juice for water, this winter cocktail will keep you warm while binge watching your favorite shows.


Slow Cooker Apple Cider -  from Gimme Some Oven

So here’s a thought. The night before an anticipated snow day, pull out that crock pot and mix up some Apple Cider. You’ll wake the next morning to the smell of hot cider and a fresh coating of snow.