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Hello 2015!

I can't believe it's 2015. I also can't believe it's been a month since my last post. Looks like I got lost in the madness of the holidays. But I'm back and ready to mix it up more than ever.

Every new year brings with it promise and hope for change. We promise to do better and hope we actually keep that promise. I'm no exception to this trend. In my non-cocktail life I've resolved to lose weight. The bon vivant lifestyle is great fun but also tends to be a high calorie one. It's time to trim the tummy.

I've also decide to make some cocktail related resolutions.

  1. Travel. While I love that I can enjoy great cocktails in my own backyard (or even my living room). There's a great big world out there to imbibe. I plan to see more of it. I've already made plans to visit New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail in July. Have any suggestions for other locales in the continental US? Drop me a line.

  2. Drink more Sherry! Every time I visit my local spirits shop I see the wall o' sherry and am intrigued by it. What is it? How is it used? What amazing cocktails am I missing out on due to my ignorance?  

  3. Realize it's okay to have a blue drink every now and then. I know I can be a cocktail snob at times. My recent Christmas vacation made me realize that every now and then you need something fruity and obnoxious. Blue drinks can be great if done well. Why look down on Blue Curacao simply because it's blue. It can't help that it's been abused by bartenders with heavy pours and patrons with overly teased hair.
  4. Try more Old Tom Gins. It is really exciting to be trying out today's modern take on a old style, given no one really has a clue what Old Tom Gin is really supposed to taste like. The style of gin was lost long ago and now distillers are recreating it with the very little information that history has left us. I've had the pleasure of trying a few Old Tom's and none were alike. I hope to try more before declaring a favorite.

I think these are good resolutions and can't wait to tackle them.

Hope your 2015 is starting off well. May we all have an exiting and prosperous year!

Happy Imbibing!


Nikki G. Davidson