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Put Down the Green Beer, Pick Up Some Irish Whiskey

This year make St. Patrick’s Day about more than guzzling green beer or downing Irish themed shots. This is the day, more than any, to introduce yourself to Irish Whiskey. 

Irish Whiskey, simply put, is whiskey that is made in Ireland and aged for at least 3 years in oak barrels. That’s it. You may hear talk of pot stills or the lack of peat when compared to their Scottish counterparts. But those are more generalizations than rules. 

All whiskeys are willing to tell you a story, if you’re willing to listen. Irish Whiskey will tell you a tale about craftsmanship. Silky ribbons of light flavors will dance on your tongue. It’s smooth body will delight you and so will the knowledge that this whiskey has been made with the same spirit and artistry for generation after generation. When you sip Irish Whiskey you are drinking in an heritage and a pride unlike no other.

Teeling Whiskey Company

Teeling Whiskey, though a young distillery, carries on the fine tradition that is Irish Whiskey. The Teeling family has been distilling whiskey since 1782. In 2012 Jack Teeling founded the The Teeling Whiskey Company. Along with his brother Stephen, the Teeling Brothers have created a whiskey that up holds the Irish tradition combined with the creativity and vision that often comes with an independent distillery.

After sampling three of Teeling's whiskeys. I chose a cocktail recipe that I feel highlights each of their distinctive attributes.



James Joyce Cocktail

by Gary Regan

Gary Regan’s James Joyce Cocktail reads like a daiquiri, so it made sense to use the Small Batch whiskey that’s been aged in a Rum cask. 




I chose to use the Teeling Single Malt in this manhattan style cocktail because of its vanilla and spice notes similar to bourbon or rye. 



The Tipperary

adapted from The Savoy Cocktail Book 

A light and fruity whiskey, the Single Grain plays well here with the Green Chartreuse creating a flavorful yet balanced cocktail.

Imbibe happily,