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Mezcal Hot Chocolate

I had my first cold of the season this past weekend. An annoying cough that derailed my weekend plans, keeping me in bed. All weekend long I craved nothing but comforts foods. Hearty soups, casseroles, and a variety of carbs. This got me brainstorming about a comfort cocktail.

Is there any drink more comforting than the hot chocolate. When it's cold outside and there's snow in the air, we immediately reach for the hot cocoa mix. Hot Cocoa is synonymous with comfort and warmth. 

Rich & Spicy Mezcal Hot Chocolate

2 cups Milk

1/4 cup Condensed Milk

2 tbsp Cocoa Powder

1/4 cup Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips

1/2 tsp Vanilla

1/2 tsp Cayenne Powder

Pinch of Kosher Salt

1 1/2 oz Mezcal

1 1/2 oz Tequila

Marshmallow garnish, if desired.

Serves two or one with a really big mug.

In a saucepan, bring milk to a simmer on medium to medium-high heat. Stir in condensed milk. Reduce heat.

Using a whisk, slowly stir in chocolate chips. Once chips have melted, add in cocoa powder. Continue stirring until smooth.

Now add vanilla, cayenne pepper and salt. Continue to stir a few minutes longer. Then remove from heat.

After removing from heat. Stir in Mezcal and Tequila.

I garnished my hot chocolate with jumbo marshmallows dusted with cayenne pepper and cocoa. I then roasted them with a kitchen torch.

mezcal hot chocolate marshmallow

What is Mezcal?

Some would say that Mezcal is a type of Tequila, but I would argue that it's the other way around. Since Mezcal has a broader definition, it's Tequila that is a type of Mezcal.

Tequila is made specifally from Blue Agave, whereas Mezcal can be made from a variety of agave plants.

Tequila is made from the piña, the heart of the agave plant and is steamed before distillation.

Mezcal is roasted underground in a pit before distillation, giving Mezcal it's smoky flavor. 

roasted marshmallow

I love this recipe for hot chocolate. It is super richness and the kick from the red pepper gives you a warmth all over. It's the perfect snow day cocktail. And it's sure to knock out any pesky cold. Almost makes getting sick worth it.