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Playboys Bar Guide

Recently while on a shopping trip I came across the Playboy's Bar Guide. I can't even began to explain why I became so fascinated with this book. I had to have it. Perhaps it was its kitschy-ness. The idea of it standing out on my bar library as an instant conversation piece. Whatever it was, I had to have it.

Despite its unnecessary (and quite poorly drawn) sketches of women in thigh highs, the Playboy's Bar Guide is a bar guide like many others. Which glass is which, what tools to use, measurements, and so on. I've seen it all before.

You can't explain why you love the things you love sometimes. Perhaps it's the unjustly named chapter "oddballs" that appears to be nothing more than a list of Flips and Frappés. Or that Frappé is spelled wrong on page 210. Or better yet, perhaps it's the fact that I love almost anything booze related and vintage.

Whatever the reason may be. I will proudly display it on myhome bar , along with thefar better Playboy bar tool set, and wait for the conversation to ensue. I'm sure it will.

White Rose

(adapted from the Playboy's Bar Guide)

11/4  oz. Gin (I used barrel aged gin)

1/2 oz. Orange Juice (I used blood orange)

1/2 oz lime juice

1 tsp. sugar

1egg white

Nikki G. Davidson