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Red, White, and Boozy Popsicles

When we were kids summer meant playing in the sun and cooling off with popsicles. I say we relive those days. 

Red White and Boozy Popsicles

Growing up my favorite item off the ice cream truck were the Red, White, and Blue popsicles. So yummy, so cool, so patriotic! 

To make these layered popsicles you'll need patience and time. Each layer needs 2 hours to freeze on it's own. Don't worry! They're totally worth the wait.

Boozy popsicles don't freeze as hard as regular popsicles because of the addition of alcohol. You may be tempted to up the alcohol quantity, but be warned. Too much alcohol and your popsicles will be mush. 

Red, White and Boozy Popsicles


Red, White, and Boozy Popsicles

makes approx. 6

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