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Spicy Michelada and Other Cocktails with Beer

Spicy Michelada

Up until recently my version of a beer cocktail was a beer and a shot. That was until I stumbled upon the Spicy Michelada.  The Spicy Michelada is a combo of tomato juice, citrus, chili peppers, salt, and other spices combined with a Mexican beer. The first time I had one I was surprised how much I loved it. I'd even go as far as to say that I like it better than that other tomato based cocktail, the Bloody Mary.

Spicy Michelada Pouring
Spicy Michelada


Campari IPA

Campari IPA

The Spicy Michelada made me wonder what other beer cocktails I've been missing. I've tried a few that didn't exactly excite me. Until I met the Campari IPA.

I went in with much hesitation. I was pleasantly surprised that the combo wasn't as bitter as I had feared. In fact the IPA actually brought out the sweetness in the otherwise bitter liqueur.  Click here for the recipe.


The Bohjito

bohjito & boh

While we're on the subject of beer cocktails. I have to give a nod to my original fav. A cocktail the I concocted one night before an Orioles baseball game. It's a combination of a Mojito with a local favorite, National Bohemian beer (known as Natty Boh around these parts).  I coined this concoction "The Bohjito".  Visit my original post for the recipe.

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