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Raise a Glass to Spring: 7 Cocktails for Warmer Weather

As I sit and write this it is snowing. Last week we were wearing skirts and shorts and today it’s snowing. Spring can not get here quick enough. To give Mother Nature a little push, I decided to focus on cocktails for spring. 

While winter cocktails are spirit forward and full or spice, spring cocktails are herbaceous, fruity, and light. They're perfect for day drinking or batching and sharing with friends. 


1. Blackberry Mule

Who doesn't love a good Mule? Take things up a notch by muddling in some of your favorite fruit.


2. Lemongrass Martini

Lemongrass infused vodka with Lillet Blanc, a white wine liqueur with flavors of honey, citrus, and mint. 


3. Orange Fizz

A light and refreshing cocktail, like sipping an orange soda. Try with Orange Vodka for extra orange flavor.


4. Americano

The Americano is a low alcohol cocktail that combines sweet vermouth with Campari, an Italian orange aperitif. Created in 1860 in Italy, the drink later became popular amongst American tourists in Italy and therefore adopted the name Americano. 


5. Blackberry Old Fashioned

I like the addition of blackberries in an Old Fashioned. It compliments, not over power, the real star here - the bourbon! 


6. Mai Tai

There are many variations of the Mai Tai. This recipe is based on the original Trader Vic recipe. A cocktail so tasty you'd be surprised how easy it is to make.


7. Sage Sour

I love the smell and taste of sage, and you know I love whiskey. A whiskey sour made with a sage infused simple syrup and egg white.