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The Staggering Physician

I try to be a "to each his own" type of person. I try not to judge what others are drinking. I try.  But I fail miserably.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a booze snob. And lately I've been judging my hubby's drink of choice; Dr. Pepper with brandy, maraschino liqueur and a Luxardo cherry. He created this drink after discovering that brandy was the only spirit left on our bar. While he enjoys it, I argue that he can't appreciate the maraschino liqueur when it's drowning in soda. And does he have to use my cocktail cherries. Those babies are like $20 a jar! 

A healthy marriage is one built on compromise. So as a compromise, I decided to elevate his drink.

My thought was that I could reduce the Dr. Pepper into a syrup. To my surprise, after an hour of simmering, the soda did reduce but not to the syrupy, sugary liquid I had pictured. I allowed 2 cups of Dr. Pepper to simmer down to 1 cup. This resulted in a thin "syrup" (if I can call it that) with an herbal flavor and a faint sweetness.

I kept all the same ingredients as hubby's drink with a touch of lemon. Without the carbonation I can appreciate why hubby likes the combination. The maraschino liqueur compliments the Dr. Pepper well. And, somehow, I don't have a problem adding one of my sacred Luxardo cherries to this cocktail. Since hubby came up with the original recipe, I thought it'd be fitting that he got to name it.

The Staggering Physician by Cocktail Crafty

The Staggering Physician

1.5 oz Brandy

.75 oz Dr. Pepper Reduction

.5 oz Maraschino Liqueur

.25 oz Lemon Juice

Stir with ice.

Garnish with cherry and lemon twist.

Dr. Pepper Reduction

2 cups Dr. Pepper

Allow to simmer on medium heat for 45-60 minutes.


The next time hubby introduces me to one of his improvisations I won't judge. Instead I'll look at it as an opportunity for us to create something wonderful together. Kind of like our marriage.


Download the Staggering Physician recipe card.