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Coffee Flavored Syrup

A coffee infused simple syrup that you'll be adding to everything. Ask any coffee addict and they'll tell you. What's better than coffee? More coffee! 

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Moscow Mule Recipe

  A while back I made a comment to a local bartender that I had tried pretty much every drink on his menu at the time. "Except the mule. I don't do mules." He smirked knowingly and walked away. He quickly reappeared with what looked like a bottle of pop. It was a house made ginger beer that was bottled there at the bar. He then proceeded to make his version of a Moscow Mule.

 "Try it," he instructed.

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Punch in the City

Ah, summertime in the city. There’s nothing like being surrounded by hot concrete in a congested city. Everyone sweating unapologetically. Inevitably, some wise soul will utter that classic line “it’s not the heat it’s the humidity.”

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