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Whiskey and I are on a Break

This post is sponsored by Bacardi Añejo Cuatro. The thoughts and recipe are my own.

I’ve always thought of myself as a whiskey girl. I've never been shy about it. But I feel that it's time for me to start seeing other spirits. And I’m starting with Rum.

I admit that I've never truly given rum a chance. In the past, whenever I’ve thought to make a rum cocktail my mind immediately went to a mojito or daiquiri. But I’ve decided that if I’m going to truly accept Rum into my life, I need to break with tradition. 

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New York Sour Recipe, National Bootleggers Day, and ‘The Good Stuff’

New Years Eve, my hubby and I attended a party at a local bar. The party was, of course, a roaring twenties theme. Since starting Cocktail Crafty I have attended more 1920’s themed parties than I can count. My husband pointed this out and asked why do bartenders love to celebrate Prohibition. “You would think”, he says, “this would be considered a dark era in drinking history.” In theory, perhaps, but in reality Prohibition was anything but.

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