Whiskey and I are on a Break

Whiskey and I are on a Break

This post is sponsored by Bacardi Añejo Cuatro. The thoughts and recipe are my own.

I’ve always thought of myself as a whiskey girl. I've never been shy about it. But I feel that it's time for me to start seeing other spirits. And I’m starting with Rum.

I admit that I've never truly given rum a chance. In the past, whenever I’ve thought to make a rum cocktail my mind immediately went to a mojito or daiquiri. But I’ve decided that if I’m going to truly accept Rum into my life, I need to break with tradition. 

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This post is sponsored by Martell VSOP, however the thoughts and recipe are my own.

It seems as we get older the summers get shorter and shorter. Wasn't I just making Old Fashioneds for Father’s Day? Pretty soon I'll be mixing up fall cocktails and pumpkin will become the top keyword searched on this site. 

But before we trade in our swimsuits for sweaters, I say we throw one last soirée. We relish in the long days and warm nights while they're still ours. For my end of summer celebration I’m mixing up some VSOP Mules. 

I was recently given the opportunity to sample Martell VSOP’s Blue Swift. Matured in French Oak casks, Blue Swift is a VSOP finished in Kentucky Bourbon casks. It's full-bodied with notes of vanilla and candied fruit. It’s smooth flavor and sweet finish played perfectly with ginger beer and lime. And the addition of muddled fresh blueberries made for a truly delightful cocktail.  



1.5 ounces Martell Blue Swift

10 Blueberries

.5 ounce Lime juice (or 1/2 lime juiced)

Ginger Beer


In a copper mug (or glass) muddle Blueberries with the VSOP.

Add lime juice.

Stir with ice. 

Top with ginger beer.


Vino301 - A Maryland Wine Tour

I don't think anyone can fully prepare you for the first few months of parenthood. The sleep deprivation, the diapers, the late night feedings, the sleep deprivation; it's all really overwhelming. So when I was offered the opportunity to attend a wine tour with Vino301 my response was an ecstatic "Yes!"  I couldn't wait. A day away from the kid to relax with hubby. Sorry kid, momma needs a break.

Our journey began when we met our driver Terry and our guide Larry (Or was that our driver Larry and our guide Terry) at one of two pickup locations. The two were extremely helpful and more than happy to guide us on our journey into Maryland wine country. We were provided with complimentary Vino301 stemless wine glasses, a wine tote bag, water, and snacks. 

When booking your Maryland regional wine tour, you have the option of four different regions: Chesapeake, Westminster, Patapsco Valley, or Heritage. Each tour features two vineyards with the option of adding a third vineyard at an additional charge. As the date of your tour approaches, you receive a notification as to which vineyards you will be touring that day. (The company also offers Chocolate and Wine tours, Bachelorette/Girls Night Out, and Custom Tasting Tours).

My husband and I chose the Patapsco tour. The wineries we visited were Basignani, Boordy, and (added later) Dejon. At each stop, we were able to taste a select number of wines with the option to purchase. Needless to say by the time we reached our final vineyard we were feeling pretty good. 

Basignani Winery

Basignani is a quaint vineyard with a family atmosphere. Here we tasted our choice of 6 different wines. Including the local favorite Monkton Moon Delight, a "sweet blush wine made from mostly Seyval grapes with some of our Charmbourcin added for color." Basignani also features an outdoor seating area where brick oven pizza is available for purchase.


Boordy Vineyards

The bigger and more well known Boordy Vineyards is always a crowd-pleaser. At Boordy we tasted a number of wines and received complimentary wine glasses. We were also taken on a tour of the vineyard and given a step-by-step guide of their harvesting, crushing, and aging processes. Boordy frequently hosts live music and community events. 

boordy wine.png


Dejon Vineyards

Last but certainly not least was Dejon Vineyards. Our tasting took place in a large barn on the vineyard's property. Of the wines we tasted our favorite was a sweet Vidal Blanc called Sweet Denise, named after one of the owners. A slightly sweet white wine with delightful citrus notes.

At Dejon we decided to sit and enjoy the wine we purchased there in complimentary glasses, along with the meats and cheeses we brought with us. It was the perfect ending to a great afternoon.


All-in-all Jay and I had an amazing day out tasting great wines while supporting local vineyards. If you live in the Baltimore area, or in town visiting, check out Vino301 for an afternoon with the best wines Maryland has to offer.

Though a complimentary tour was provided for this review, the thoughts here are purely my own..