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The Moscow Fizz, Two Classic Cocktails in One

I remember the first time I'd ever had a Ramos Gin Fizz. It was like sipping a boozy milkshake. Correction. It was better than that. Bright with citrus and orange flower water. Smooth and frothy from the combo of heavy cream, egg whites and soda water. Just the right amount of sweetness with just the right amount of gin. It instantly put a smile on my face.

Moscow Fizz


I recently set out to make as many variations on the Moscow Mule that I could think of. Some involved fruit and herb infusions. Others simply swapped out the Vodka with another spirit. Overall I was happy with the adaptations. But of all the recipes I either found or created the one I most proud of is the Moscow Fizz. A Moscow Mule and Ramos Gin Fizz hybrid.

I had a hint that it might work. My gut told me it'd be good. Yet I was still pleasantly surprised by how delicious yet refreshing the Moscow Fizz turned out to be. 

The substitutions are simple. Instead of gin we use vodka. In lieu of soda water we top with ginger beer. In it's heart this cocktail is a mule. A playful yet somehow sophisticated version of a mule. It's everything I hoped it would be!

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