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How to Make a Traditional Irish Coffee Recipe

Irish Coffee

January 25th is National Irish Coffee Day. The Irish Coffee is a great drink because it combines my two great loves; Whiskey and Coffee.  

I nearly forgot how amazing an Irish Coffee can be. About a month ago my hubby met a friend for dinner at an Irish restaurant. There he ordered an Irish Coffee and ever since can’t get enough of them. I can’t blame him. The beauty of an Irish Coffee is the contrast of temperatures. A sip of cold heavy cream is cut with piping hot spiked coffee. It has the same comforting effect as a Hot Fudge Sundae.

It’s a decadent hot beverage that’s actually really simple to make. You can top the coffee mixture by pouring heavy cream over the back of a spoon. Or whip the cream up with a little bit of sugar, making it nice and thick.  

Irish Coffee Recipe

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee