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Valentine's Day Cocktail

A sample of Four Roses was provided for this post.

Photo by Nikki G. Davidson

I struggled to write this post the same way I’ve struggled with Valentine’s Day. It’s one of those holidays that I love to hate and hate to love. Love and relationships are hard enough without the added pressure of a romantic holiday.

Valentine's Day has been a day of contention for my hubby and I. We’ve done the over the top Valentine’s Day with presents and dinner followed by our annual V-Day fight. We’ve done the nonchalant this-is-just-another-day Valentine’s Day followed again with a fight. 364 days of the year we have an amazing marriage then Valentine’s Day rolls around and the pressure becomes too much. There’s either the anxiety over doing enough to live up to the hype of the day or the disappointment of doing nothing at all.

Four Roses Cocktail

It’s taken us years to remember that every good relationship comes down to compromise. I have agreed to lower my expectations and he’s agreed to give me the one thing that always makes me smile. Roses.

I know it's a cliché but I am a sucker for roses. Every size, every color. He brings home a bouquet full of roses and I turn into a pile of mush. One year he decided to send me roses not only the day of but also the week before. That was the best!

Now we spend Valentine’s day at home. He makes dinner and I make cocktails. All the while surrounded by roses. No jewelry, no chocolates, no expensive night out. 

He can save that for our wedding anniversary next month.




Four Roses


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