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Cocktail Crafty




This post is sponsored by Martell VSOP, however the thoughts and recipe are my own.

It seems as we get older the summers get shorter and shorter. Wasn't I just making Old Fashioneds for Father’s Day? Pretty soon I'll be mixing up fall cocktails and pumpkin will become the top keyword searched on this site. 

But before we trade in our swimsuits for sweaters, I say we throw one last soirée. We relish in the long days and warm nights while they're still ours. For my end of summer celebration I’m mixing up some VSOP Mules. 

I was recently given the opportunity to sample Martell VSOP’s Blue Swift. Matured in French Oak casks, Blue Swift is a VSOP finished in Kentucky Bourbon casks. It's full-bodied with notes of vanilla and candied fruit. It’s smooth flavor and sweet finish played perfectly with ginger beer and lime. And the addition of muddled fresh blueberries made for a truly delightful cocktail.  



1.5 ounces Martell Blue Swift

10 Blueberries

.5 ounce Lime juice (or 1/2 lime juiced)

Ginger Beer


In a copper mug (or glass) muddle Blueberries with the VSOP.

Add lime juice.

Stir with ice. 

Top with ginger beer.