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World Whisky Day 2016

Celebrate Whiskey in all forms no matter how you like it. Sip it neat or on the rocks. Add a splash of ginger. Or mix up in your favorite cocktail. The no wrong way to enjoy! Here's a few of the Whiskies I'll be sipping in honor of World Whisky Day, May 21st. 

My Go-to Bourbon.

I've mentioned in my post How I Stock My Home Bar for $200 that Bulleit Bourbon is my go-to bourbon. Bulleit Bourbon is great for cocktails because of it's pleasing flavor. It's a bourbon that, while can't be considered light, isn't overly aggressive and abrasive. It's a friendly bourbon with appealing baking spice notes and little burn. 


Old Line American Whiskey

I'm so happy and excited about the recent boom in local spirits production in Maryland. Thanks to changes in laws we can now make negronies with local gin or manhattans with local rye whiskey. 

I'm particularly excited about Old Line American Whiskey, single malt made with entirely from barley grown and malted in the Pacific Northwest. I've had a few barley whiskies and have grown quite fond. 

Aged in new charred oak barrels, Old Line has the familiar aroma of a bourbon. A smooth medium body with a malty flavor and notes of vanilla and maple. It's easy to sip and excellent on the rocks.



Up until recently I hadn't had a chance to try Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye. So when I was offered a sample I jumped on it. Who wouldn't want the chance to try the 2016 World Whisky of the Year. As an American whiskey-with-an-"e" drinker, it took me a moment to really take in this Whisky-with-out-the-"e". What did I take away from this Canadian Rye? Spice. And lot's of it.

I love rye. I love the spice and depth you get with rye. With a 90% rye mash this is a true Rye whiskey. There's no hiding it with a high corn ratio. I find it's spice most palatable with ice. And it plays amazingly well with Fever Tree ginger beer. 

Will Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye become my new favorite go to, probably not. But I'll give it a friendly nod when I walk by. And every now and then it'll find a place on the home bar.


Looking for some cocktails to enjoy favorite whiskey? Here are a few of my favs.