Tasting Notes

I'm a girl that loves whiskey! Scotch, Bourbon, Rye... I sip and review them all.

Breckenridge Bourbon (Special Release)

Photo by Nikki G. Davidson

While Breckenridge Bourbon has been around for awhile, it'd been some time since I've last had it. I was excited when Hubby brought a bottle home. My first experience had been a great one, but this time when I took a sip I questioned if I was drinking the same bourbon.

The bottle is labeled as "Special Release".  "A handcrafted bourbon whiskey made at 9600 feet with snowmelt from the rocky mountains." I'm unsure as to what makes this a "special release" as their straight bourbon is also made with snowmelt. (At the time of writing this post I'm unable to find any info as to what sets the "special release" apart from their normal bourbon.)

The nose is a pleasant one with whiffs of ripe banana and apple. Up front there is a spicey flavor mixed in with some oak and honey. It's quickly followed by a swift kick of pepper and heat. Surprisingly though, the Special Release ends with a cool almost minty finish. 

In all honesty I was somewhat disappointed. I typically enjoy "high rye" bourbons, but there was something "off" at times with the flavor. I wouldn't kick this bourbon out of bed but I also won't be buying it dinner any time soon.


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