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Mount Gay Rum Limited Edition XO Cask Strength

This past fall the makers of the world’s oldest distilled rum, Mount Gay Distilleries, released a limited addition cask strength rum. The XO Cask Strength celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Barbadian Independence, the birthplace of rum.  Only 3,000 bottles of Mount Gay’s newest addition have been released. For more information….

TYPE:     Aged Rum

AGE:     Blend (8 to 15 years)

ORIGIN:    Barbados

PROOF:  126 (43%)

PRICE:    $185

CASK:     unknown

COLOR:      Dark Amber

NOSE:         Dates, dried fruit, molasses, chocolate, medicinal

MOUTHFEEL:   Oily, rich, silky

TASTE:       nutty toffee, savory, buttery

FINISH:      tingling, syrupy, oaky

RATING:   6.5 out of 10


Mount Gay Limited Edition XO Cask Strength is surprisingly easy to sip despite it’s proof. Like many over-proof rums it has an intense and almost medicinal nose, but another whiff will introduce a rich fruity and sweet sent. The XO’s savory flavors are best experienced over ice or stirred with a full-bodied sweet vermouth.